Elder Law & Long Term Care

Over the years and as a consequence of the substantial increase in the number of senior citizens in society, the areas of Elder Law and Elder Care have significantly expanded.

Historically, Estate Planning and Elder Care Planning was once generally considered as just having a Last Will & Testament.

However, as we all have aged, Estate Planning and Elder Planning now includes, but is not limited to consideration of Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid issues, long and short term care planning, durable power of attorneys, medical directives (living wills), health care proxies, reverse mortgages, incapacity planning, Guardianship and Conservatorship, special needs planning and care giver contracts,

Additionally, consideration has to be also given to, among other matters, personalized Last Wills & Testaments, estate and inheritance taxes, Estate Administration, testamentary trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and sheltered trusts and life, disability and nursing home insurance plans

Social issues also have arisen due to the fact that it is no longer of matter of love and affection for the person who is need but rather the ability to deliver the personal care services that the elder person may now or in the future require. Decisions then arise with respect to moving from their home, admission to a rehabilitation facility or residence in an assisted care facility or nursing home and employment of nurses and caregivers.

In an age where in a given family there are often sibling rivalries, stepmother and step children differences, great geographical distances between family members, blended family discord (family members from multiple marriages) there must be in place an overall plan that is clear and precise that not only protects the person making it but also protects the person(s) who have to carry out their Plan directed duties, obligations and responsibilities.

All effective Estate Plans must address an individual’s competency, financial circumstances, personal wishes, desires and objectives. All of these are by their nature never exactly alike and must be addressed on an ad hoc basis. They vary widely with respect to implementation and designation of those responsible to carry out the Plan(s) goal whose raison d’etre is to protect the class of persons for whom the Plan was created.

Estate Planning and Elder Care Planning is best handled in consultation with experienced professionals such as my firm which is equipped to assist you, your children, or other heirs making decisions regarding the formulation of your Estate. To accomplish your wishes, desires and directives. we provide services which are ethical, efficient and tailored to suit your present and long-term goals. As a matter of courtesy we afford prospective clients free initial consultation on all your estate planning and administration needs.

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